Detective Karthik Telugu Movie 2023

School student Rishitha (Anusha Nuthula) is murdered, and private detective Sandhya (Shruthi Mol) plunges into action to solve the mystery behind her murder. In the process, she goes missing, and her lover Karthik (Rajath Raghav) steps in to find her. Who is Karthik? What happened to Sandhya? Who killed Rishitha? The film will unfold the mysteries..

Detective Karthik
DirectorVenkat Narendra
ActorsRajath Raghav, Goldie Nissy, Abhilash Bandari, Shruti Mol, Anusha Nuthula, Hasini Rai, Madee
MusicMarcus M
ProducerAshok Reddy
Release dateJuly 21, 2023

This crime investigative thriller has a decent story that attracts the audience. Writer and director Venkat Narendra deserves appreciation for coming up with such a good point that many youngsters are facing in this digital age.

Rajath Raghav, who recently appeared in Maya Petika, delivers his best performance, and if he continues to choose engaging stories, he is bound to gain fame in T-town soon.

The supporting actors perform well in their respective roles, and the background score adds to the intrigue factor.