Raakshasa Kaavyam 2023 Telugu Movie

Raakshasa Kaavyam 2023 is a small budget film named Rakshasa Kavyam. The movie lead roles are Abhai Naveen and Anvesh Michael.

Raakshasa Kaavyam 2023 Telugu Movie
DirectorSriman Keerthi
ActorsAbhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Dayanand Reddy, Pawon Ramesh, Rohini Aretty Kushalini, Yadama Raju etc
MusicRajeev Raj, M.Srikanth
ProducerDamu Reddy, Singanamala Kalyan
Release date13th October 2023

Japan Telugu 2023 Movie Trailer

The entire film revolves around two characters, Ajay (Abhai Naveen) and Vijay (Anvesh Michael). Ajay is a contract killer who has immense respect for students, and on the other hand, Vijay (Anvesh Michael) wants to make films highlighting antagonists. There is an intense animosity between Ajay and Vijay. What is the reason for it? What’s the connection between the two? Who had the last laugh? This is what the film is about.