Richie Gadi Pelli Telugu Movie 2023

On the night before the wedding, everyone is gathered to celebrate in the privacy of a luxury patio. At the dinner table, LP suggests they play a unique game of truth or dare. With their glasses filled to brim with alcohol, things are bound to go south. As the game ensues, the lies and the secrets are revealed, testing each one's relationship and friendship. At the table of secrets, no one goes untested.

Richie Gadi Pelli
DirectorK.S. Hemraj
Actors Kishore Maarisetty, Naveen Neni, Praneeta Patnaik
Release date3 March 2023

A group of college buddies reunite at their common friend Riche’s wedding in Ooty. One among them is the latter’s ex who’s clearly not moved on. Two other couples have their own mess to deal with; another is a television actor facing sexual harassment charges. There’s a man-child who can’t hold his horses amidst women. A tricky game over a dinner party alters the course of their lives.

Dinner party dramas/thrillers are commonplace in the West, though the genre hasn’t caught the fascination of our storytellers much over the years. It’s not hard to understand why; the genre is believed to cater to a niche audience and is also a true test of a director’s skill. The visual scope of the story is restrictive, the screenplay is a hard nut to crack (minus the space for commercial liberties) and the writing needs to be absolutely precise..