Tiger Nageswara Rao Telugu Movie 2023

Tiger Nageswara Rao is a 2023 Telugu-language period action thriller film written and directed by Vamsee and produced by Abhishek Agarwal. The film stars Ravi Teja in the title role alongside Anupam Kher, Jisshu Sengupta, Nupur Sanon (in her film debut), Renu Desai, Gayatri Bhardwaj and Murali Sharma.

During the 1970s, Tiger Nageswara Rao is a thief who dominates the realm of terror in Stuartpuram and masterminds a series of daring heists, where his ingenious methods of outwitting the cops become the stuff of local legend. The rest of the story revolves around Tiger's thrilling escapades and the captivating cat-and-mouse game between him and the cops (led by CI Mouli).

Tiger Nageswara Rao
Actors Ravi Teja, Anupam Kher, Jisshu Sengupta, Renu Desai, Nupur Sanon
MusicG. V. Prakash Kumar
Producer Abhishek Agarwal
Release date20 October 2023

A guy named Vijay narrates a story to his friends while having alcohol. He tells them the story of Baalachandran (Srikanth Gurram), who runs a factory manufacturing crackers. Baalachandran hates women since his mother eloped when he was a kid. Baalachandran marries a beautiful lady named Alagini (Priyanka Sharma) at his fatnd lived in the 1970s. In early March 2018, Rana Daggubati was reported to portray the role of Tiger Nageswara Rao.[7] However, the sources were dismissed as in early June, Nani was reported to portray the role, but were later dismissed as in late April 2021, it was reported that Vamsee had met Ravi Teja in Hyderabad, while Teja was filming for Khiladi (2022), and narrated a script which impressed the actor.[9] However, it was unclear whether it was the script of Tiger Nageswara Rao or a new script. On 3 November, a public announcement was made by Abhishek Agarwal, who is producing the project under the banner Abhishek Agarwal Arts. The announcement further stated that the title is Tiger Nageswara Rao, confirming it to be the biological film, G. V. Prakash Kumar would compose the score, while R. Madhi and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao would handle the cinematography and editing, respectively.